VigMax is an essential vitamins, mineral supplement and natural potent libido stimulator specifically designed for men to boost erection, libido, and sexual function. We have combined modern science with traditional herbal medicine to produce the most potent aphrodisiac that can take your love life to a completely new level of passion and excitement!
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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

How does your product compare with Viagra?
They are different products. VigMax is dietary supplement. Since the formula is completely tested ingredients, there are other beneficial effects. Please see the ingredients page for this information.

What makes the penis grow?
When you get aroused, VigMax offers penis enlargement by expanding your two erectile tissue chambers in your penis to hold more blood during an erection, thus making your penis much larger in size.

How can I be sure that this product is safe?
The ingredients used in VigMax are not new. They have been used for thousands of years. If you have any concerns, consult your doctor before taking VigMax.

How many bottles should I start with?
We recommend starting with three bottles. This way you have a complete 3 months supply.

Will I need a prescription?
No. VigMax is completely safe and natural, and as such does not require a prescription.

How long will it take to work?
VigMax will begin to work for erections, vitality, stamina, potency, and endurance sexual performance instantly. A noticeable increase in length starts two months after use. The total process usually takes 6 months. The rate at which you gain results from this product varies from man to man, so we recommend that you are patient and methodical while taking this product. In most cases significant growth occurs in month 3 - 6.

How does VigMax work?
VigMax works by expanding your two erectile tissue chambers in your penis to hold more blood during an erection, thus making your penis much larger in size. When you get aroused, your brain releases a hormone which tells your body to send blood to the penis, which engorges the spongiosum and cavernosa and stimulates pleasure receptors. This is called an erection. Your penis is full of a spongy tissue that absorbs the increased amounts of blood and expands, causing an erection.Our penis enlargement pills stimulate these cells by signals sent from the brain to increase the size of the cells.

Is it safe to order online?
Yes, it is safe to order on We use industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving customer data exchanged with our site server.

Can I track my order?
When your order ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation email All orders shipped to USA and International countries via express methods will include a tracking number.
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